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Info On Ionic Air Purifiers & Your Health 

Room Purifiers Due to their larger and more effective filters or collecting plates, larger portable room filtration systems are considerably more effective in cleaning within a room than the table top units (Consumer Reports, 1992; Fox, 1994) and have become increasingly popular in the past several years.

Have you ever stood by a huge waterfall or spent a day by the ocean as the surf pounds in and out ? Remember how invigorating and fresh the air was? That is because that air was rich with negative ions. If you have ever take a deep breath of the "clean" air right after a thunderstorm you know what we are talking about.  Those forces of nature enrich the air with billions of negative ions. This is the power of ionic air purifiers.

The positive effects on human health and mental clarity of increased negative ions in the air has been scientifically documented for the last fifty years or so.

Negative Ions force particles as small as .01 micron from the air. They can also neutralize airborne viruses and microorganisms as well.

Researchers believe negative ions increase oxygen uptake capabilities on a cellular level. More oxygen to your cells means better overall health. The Nobel prize winner a few years ago discovered that lack of oxygen is the main cause of cancer.

Research shows negative ions helps regulate brain serotonin.( Serotonin is a phenolic amine neurotransmitter C10H12N2O that is a powerful vasoconstrictor and is found especially in the brain, blood serum, and gastric mucosa of mammals) The brain's serotonin neurotransmitter system has been associated with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, anti-social personality disorder: even alcohol and drug dependency! Negative ion therapy has also been used successfully to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

The US military installs negative ion generators in fighter jet cockpits and in submarines to keep the crews awake and alert. This is especially useful on long missions.

In recent years, this technology has been made affordable for home and office use. We are proud to carry a variety of ionizers to help make your life more comfortable. Just click on these links to view these products:

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