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Proper Use and Maintenance
of Air Cleaners 

Routine maintenance of portable air cleaners should be conducted according to manufacturers' directions to assure the best possible efficiency and service life of the unit.

Additionally, proper placement of portable units is essential. They should be placed near a specific pollutant source, when it is known, so that they clean the air at the point where the contamination levels are highest.

The air inlet and outlet should not be blocked by walls, furniture or other obstructions.

Points to Remember

Routine maintenance
• Proper placement
• Don't block inlet/outlet
• Use in enclosed areas
• Not a primary solution

For maximum effectiveness, all doors and windows of a room being treated by a portable room air cleaner should be closed.

When using central filtration systems, caution should be taken to ensure that inlets and outlets are not blocked by furniture or other large objects which impair airflow.

Consumers should become as informed as possible about air cleaners, research their options thoroughly, and keep in mind that air cleaners are not intended to be the primary solution to health problems related to indoor air quality and, if consumers choose to use them, they should be used along with appropriate source control, ventilation, and medical treatment.

Replacement Plates Compatible with Alpine, SpringAir, LightningAir and Nature's Air Products:

The new ozone replacement plates are made from a ceramic type material. New plates should not be used in combination with the older plates. We do not recommend using the standard plates with the heavy duty plates. Use one or the other. Click here for cleaning instructions.

Plate warranty information.

For best performance, do not combine the standard plates with the heavy-duty plates. 
 You may also achieve better results for multiple plate units, if you replace all plates at one time.



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