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Note about the Spring Air Cleaners:

The manufacturer has stopped making this style, 
and has replaced it with the Lightning Air style.  
Same high quality, better lower price.

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C E R T I F I C A T I O N  

SpringCo Ionizer

DATE: May 27, 2003


S. Spence Davis
S. Spence Davis
SpringAir Manufacturing
SpringAir Manufacturing


Walter Wills P E
Walter Wills P E
High Voltage Consultant
System Design and Troubleshooting
From Milliwatts To Megawatts
High Voltage Consultant
System Design and Troubleshooting
From Milliwatts To Megawatts

To determine the number of Ions emitted from the SpringCo air cleaner, I have prepared the following information in order to determine the output. The way to ascertain the output is by calculation based upon electronic definitions and formulas. The following definitions are used to form the basis for the calculation.


An electrically charged atom or group of atoms, the electrical charge of which results when a neutral atom or group of atoms loses or gains one or more electrons during chemical reactions or, by the action of certain forms of radiant energy: the loss of electrons results in a positively charged ion, the gain of electrons in a negatively charged ion


The meter-kilogram-second unit of electric charge equal in magnitude to the charge of 6.28 x 1018 electrons; charge transported through a conductor by a current of one ampere flowing for one second


The standard unit for measuring the strength of an electric current; rate of flow of charge in a conductor or conducting medium of one coulomb per second


One millionth part of; the factor 10-6


The smallest particle of an element or compound that can exist in the free state and still retain the characteristics of the element or compound: the molecules of elements consist of one atom or two or more similar atoms; compounds consist of two or more different atoms


Calculation Of Ion Output

Rate Of Ion Output

The air cleaner adds an electron to a molecule creating an Ion. The SpringCo air cleaner uses a

high voltage power supply that produces approximately1.8 amps. The rate of ion production is determined as shown below:


1 Amp = 1 Coulomb/Sec

1 Coulomb = 6.28 X 1018 Electrons/Sec

amp = 6.28 X 1018 Electrons 106 uamp/amp = 6.28 X 1012 Electrons/Sec

amp = 11.3 X 1012 Electrons/Sec

Thus, 1.8
Thus, 1.8
amp of current generates 11.3 Trillion Electrons or Ions per Second.

amp of current generates 11.3 Trillion Electrons or Ions per Second.

Note: The actual output of the Ionizer will vary somewhat with barometric pressure, humidity and other environmental factors. However, the output should not vary more than 15% from the value above.


Walter Wills

High Voltage Consultant Engineer

P.O. Box 2724

Frisco, Texas 75034




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