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Note about the Spring Air Cleaners:

The manufacturer has stopped making this style, 
and have replaced it with the Lightning Air style.  
Same high quality, better lower price.

Lightning Air - Lightning Air Industrial


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The Springair Ionizer significantly reduces dust and other airborne particles
that carry irritants such as:

• Pollen
• Dust
• Mold spores
• Bacteria
• Viruses
• Smoke Particles
• Pet Dander
• Skin Flakes

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Here’s How Our Springair Ionizer Works...
Most indoor particles that are airborne tend to be positively charged. Negative ions will give some of the particles a negative charge. The positive and negative particles then combine with each other, become heavy and fall to the ground.

These irritants can cause various symptoms of discomfort and allergic response. Many of these are invisible and are present in small quantities. But, consider that the average person takes 20,000 breaths per day and spends 90% of his or her time indoors. Placing a SpringAir within the environment could mean breathing easier for the entire family.

Overall, the American Lung Association recommends that proven source control strategies be employed as a primary means of reducing exposure to pollutants. However, physical studies which do not measure health effects do show that certain air cleaners are effective in removing certain indoor air pollutants. Thus, as an adjunct to effective source control and adequate ventilation, highly efficient air cleaners can be useful in further reducing levels of certain indoor air pollutants. More research on the health benefits of air cleaners is needed to provide complete evidence that would better address the circumstances of intended use.

Based on the limited available data, we conclude that if allergen sources are present in a residence, air cleaning alone has not been proven effective at reducing airborne allergen-containing particles to levels at which no adverse effects are anticipated. Cats, for example, generally shed allergen at a much greater rate than air cleaners can effect removal. Dust mites excrete allergens in fecal particles in sequestered environments (i.e., within the carpet or the bedding). For individuals sensitive to dust mite allergen, the use of impermeable mattress coverings appears to be as effective as the use of a laminar flow air cleaning unit above the bed. Source control should always be the first choice for allergen control in residences. However, using the coverings in conjunction with an air cleaner may increase the effectiveness of the products as well as the comfort of the individual.

The reality in most residences is that total elimination of a pollutant source is not always possible or practical. Individuals with severe allergy and asthma symptoms, whose symptoms are not alleviated by other source control and ventilation strategies, may want to try an effective air cleaner in an attempt to aid in further exposure reduction. Although there is no proven health benefit from such a measure, some individuals report that they perceive air cleaners as useful in improving their health status.

Styling for Home or Office
Compact and portable, our unit can easily be moved to different locations. It can be used in homes, offices, apartments, motel rooms, dorm rooms and recreational vehicles

The SpringAir Ionizer fits in with any decor, any room in your home.  Compact and portable enough to store in a closet or cabinet when not in use.

Give your home a breath of fresh air with SpringAir.


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